3 Questions with the New Techstars Class: Clutch Prep

Q&A with Artem Volos, Co-Founder, CFO & COO Clutch Prep

It’s that time again! Last week, Techstars welcomed its Summer 2014 class into 1871’s downtown Chicago Merchandise Mart space. Over the course of a 90-day period, Techstars offers startups $118,000 in seed funding, intensive mentorship, and a vast network of mentors and alumni for 7-10% equity in each company. After an intensive application process, 10 startups, 6 of which are originally Chicago-based, made the Techstars roster. Let’s meet them!
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1. If you had to describe your company in one sentence, what would you say?

Clutch’s expert tutors simplify your studying with in-depth, textbook-specific videos and practice materials that improve grades for college students.

2. What led you to become a part of Techstars & 1871?

It’s always better to tackle big problems when you have someone behind your back supporting and guiding you through. This is the reason we wanted to become a part of Techstars and 1871. We believe that a mentor-driven approach is exactly what we need. It would take us a long time to get to the quality of mentors and resources with which TechStars and 1871 can provide us.

3. What are 3 things that get you excited about working out of Chicago?

a. Amazing start-up eco-system
b. Great mentors & investors
c. Awesome weather (Miami is too hot!) & pizza :)

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