3 Questions with the new Techstars Class: Data Everywhere

Q&A with Andy Pruitt, Co-Founder Data Everywhere

It’s that time again! Last week, Techstars welcomed its Summer 2014 class into 1871’s downtown Chicago Merchandise Mart space. Over the course of a 90-day period, Techstars offers startups $118,000 in seed funding, intensive mentorship, and a vast network of mentors and alumni for 7-10% equity in each company. After an intensive application process, 10 startups, 6 of which are originally Chicago-based, made the Techstars roster. Let’s meet them!
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1. If you had to describe your company in one sentence, what would you say?

Data Everywhere connects your company’s data, making it safe to run your business on the spreadsheets you build.

2. What led you to become a part of Techstars & 1871?

We originally joined 1871 right after we started the company in late 2013. I’ll be honest, we just really needed some office space, and 1871 was an obvious solution. The office hours and the workshops were very useful. These days, I get even more value from the serendipitous hallway connections with other members of the community. Now that we are in the Techstars program, we’re really pleased to remain a part of the 1871 community. If you are a new tech startup in Chicago, I’m not sure that you are for real if you aren’t based at 1871.

3. What are 3 things that get you excited about working out of Chicago?

All 3 founders are Chicago based, so we are very happy to be able to do Techstars here without having to leave our networks or our families. Chicago worked well as a home for our last company, which was also b2b, because the the travel and time zone factors make it easy to business with folks anywhere in the US. And finally, I’m always excited to be in Chicago in the summer :)

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