Anwar Almojarkesh with Braci Inc.: Visualizing Sound

Monday marked the beginning of the Global Innovation through Science & Technology program running out of 1871 through the U.S. Department of State and CRDF Global. The program, taking place from June 9th to June 17th, brings 12 startups from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to 1871, where they will participate in educational events and mentorship sessions aimed at helping them grow their businesses.

We will be introducing the entrepreneurs over the course of the program, so stay tuned to learn about these incredible people and their businesses. Let’s meet one of the entrepreneurs involved:

Anwar Almojarkesh

As an entrepreneur, 27-year-old Anwar Almojarkesh has jumped many hurdles and learned lessons along the way. While developing Braci, a sound recognition and visualization app, he found that focusing too much on the technology and less on the business was a mistake. He discovered that his product needed customers before new technologies could be developed.

Braci was developed for people who suffer from deafness and hearing impairments. It is a unique smartphone application that can recognize a variety of sounds experienced in daily live. The smart ear recognizes these sounds and renders pictures to represent what it detects. His device can also detect most fire and theft alarms along with offering the ability to record personalized sounds such as a doorbell or crying baby.

In 2011, after receiving a diploma in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University, Anwar made his first appearance with CRDF Global at the GIST Tech-I Finals that took place during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, he has participated in over 27 startup competitions winning 90% of them. He most recently qualified for the 2013 GIST Tech-I Finals at GES in Malaysia. He has also been a speaker for TEDx Amman and TEDx Kings Academy in Jordan. In his spare time, Anwar enjoys body building and swimming.

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