Anyone Can Learn To Code to Launch at 1871

An intensive coding bootcamp will provide comprehensive web development education while capitalizing on the resources of 1871’s vibrant tech community

By Jay Wengrow, Founder & Lead Instructor of Anyone Can Learn To Code

We’re excited to announce that Anyone Can Learn To Code has chosen 1871, Chicago’s hub for digital entrepreneurs inside the Merchandise Mart, as the home of its new coding bootcamp  for those who want to jump into the exciting field of engineering, but are unable to give up their day job to attend a training program. The decision to partner with 1871 was made in large part with the belief that the direct connections our students will make with the tech leaders and entrepreneurs who work out of 1871 will play a crucial role in shaping their experience with real world software development and in helping them land their first jobs as developers.

The Anyone Can Learn to Code intensive twelve week course teaches web development on nights and weekends in order to allow students to keep their current jobs. The first class will run from June 8 through August 31 with a weekly schedule of 9 AM to 5 PM on Sundays, and 6 PM to 9:30 PM Monday through Thursday evenings. Students come from all backgrounds, and do not need previous programming experience to apply.

The course covers full stack web development, including HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, SQL, JavaScript, and Git, in addition to industry best practices such as Test Driven Development, Agile Methodologies, and API development. To enable the students to absorb so much material within a part time program, Anyone Can Learn To Code places a very strong emphasis on providing clear, plain English instruction for every concept that is taught in the class. After each concept is presented through instruction and interactive discussion, the class then practices a hands-on exercise regarding that concept to help crystalize it in the students’ minds.

Anyone Can Learn To Code also helps students launch their careers as developers by connecting them to its network of tech companies looking for new hires and in assisting them in perfecting their project portfolios and resumes.

Aiming for quality over quantity, the inaugural cohort in June will be capped at just ten students. While it is a part time program, learning to code after completing a full day’s work is still an intensive experience. As such, Anyone Can Learn To Code is selecting only students that we feel are up to that challenge. There are a few spots left for the June cohort, and the deadline for applying is May 20. To apply, fill out the brief form at or email stating that you would like to apply to the bootcamp.

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