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Sorc’d is the place to find relevant, reliable and creditable information online. We provide users a simple and seamless way to save, share and discover data to make a decision, prove a point, or support a case, both personally and professionally.

Sorc’d is a cloud-based highlighter. Users can highlight and save sections of online text, and link to the full article, newsletter or blog, to read later or reference in the future.

What sets Sorc’d apparent from our competitors is the social component. Users will be able to do more than just share what they’ve sorc’d via the website or on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. To become THE place where people go first for data, Sorc’d will be a value-based ecosystem, building communities of like-minded individuals within highly-referenced categories such as retail, mobile, social, health & wellness, and politics; developing a user-executed rating system to help find sources that are valuable, reliable, and creditable.


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